Everyone can live the life they truly want.
It simply takes some courage.

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Why do I do this? 

I meet a lot of people who are wildly talented, and have so much potential, yet live in complete misery. I want everyone to dissolve their patterns and find true happiness in every part of their life. Nothing is impossible, and life can change really quickly once the limiting beliefs are gone.

I believe the Universe is ready for a monumental shift.

Everyone can live the life they truly want. It simply takes some courage to allow someone to mentor you to your fullest potential.

My mentoring approach is results oriented. I will dig to the bottom of your deepest, darkest limiting beliefs and thoughts until your whole being shifts.

It takes two to tango – it takes courage and effort on both our parts, and I can only promise you the journey, though rough, is worth it.

Your true life of freedom, joy, inspiration, and passion awaits you.

Hello I’m Violetta Pioro, and I’d like to help you discover a weightless ease, help you melt away the blocks and allow your true self to come through.

“I was really angry at my mother for wanting to give away all her life savings to everyone except me, even though I was taking care of her full-time. After my sessions with Violetta, we cleared my fears around money, feeling unappreciated and my belief that if I defended myself or spoke up, I would seem greedy. We haven’t had a single fight about it since. I feel neutral to the situation and she stopped trying to give it all away. Which is interesting. Violetta said that sometimes when one lets go of their resentments, the problem stops happening.”

Magdalena. Toronto, ON


“I was feeling like a failure in life. It didn’t seem to matter what project or career I started, I always felt like I was bound for loss and failure. Working with Violetta, I was able to cultivate the root of my limiting beliefs and I was able to confront and face the hardest part of myself that was holding onto my feeling of failure. It was an incredibly empowering process that truly allowed me to once and for all release all the emotion and patterns that were holding me back from living the life I was meant to live. Working on myself through this process has been gratifying and I am so appreciative that there are women like Violetta that are dedicating their life to helping other women to step into the lives they were meant to live. Thank you Violetta, you have helped me in changing my own life.”

Meghan. Peterborough, ON

Violetta Pioro

 My Story

I grew up in a loving family, protected, cherished and sheltered. As a result, I was fearful, naïve, and full of low self-esteem as I ventured out into the world on my own. When I hit my 20’s, my longing to break free from my limitations and explore the depths of my soul intensified. I wanted to confront my fears, find myself and my confidence. I thought leaving my family behind would help me figure all this out because in my mind they were the problem. I started searching in all the wrong places. I craved validation, attached my sense of purpose to others and latched on to relationships to fill all my voids.

I chased after money, power and thrill and finally, in my mid-twenties, the world I built, the friends I made, the relationships I sustained all came crashing down. None of it was in alignment with who I really was. My life was empty and my soul was in deep sorrow.

I was rotting from the inside… my relationships were in crisis, I had eating disorders, allergies, candida, hormone imbalances, IBS and weight gain. I was diagnosed with ADHD, was angry at the world, frustrated with my career choices, and was into intense debt. My life was lacking discipline, structure and focus.

Looking back, I wish I had a mentor earlier in life. Someone who could have told me that in order to change my external, physical world, I had to change my internal world first. The journey to evolve would have been less painful.

Needless to say, I was a complete mess but the one thing that kept me going was a burning desire to find my answers. I wanted to know why I was plagued with sickness. Why some people don’t communicate with their family members. Why some live paycheque to paycheque and others thrive no matter what the circumstances. Why some parents are hated by their children and others considered a cornerstone. Why some relationships last and others are dysfunctional. My list went on.

I became fascinated with the internal healing I felt from yoga and exercise. I invested (tens of) thousands of dollars into naturopaths, therapists, life coaches and anything and everything I thought would help me improve and evolve. I wanted to understand how I could become the best version of myself and help those struggling around me.

It took me years to change my life, to understand why I am truly here on this earth, and make sense of the amount of suffering I went through. Confronting myself taught me that everything in life can change for those who are willing to commit to facing themselves and their limiting beliefs. Now, I see my past as an incredibly valuable gift. Without it I would not be here, and it is because of it that I’ve become an expert at identifying and dissolving behavioral and emotional patterns. I also understand now, that my success has come from having the guts to pursue what I want in life, to my previous relationships, to all the souls whom I’ve had the honor of loving so dearly until their last breaths, to my dear life coaches, my expansive yogic practice and the travels I have experienced throughout the world.

My life’s journey has taught me how to help other people from a place of truth, compassion, understanding, and an open heart.

Explore my blog, and if you dare, come with me on a journey into exploring yourself…

Yours Truly,


“Violetta Pioro is a compass in my life. She is full of guiding and intuitive wisdom. So many times she has helped me find my way back to myself. Every time my ego or my negative self-story telling get in the way of my happiness and my potential, she points me back to my soul, my heart and most importantly, my truth.

She will find the truth behind each and every conflict within you, and you will cry deeply as you answer her expert guiding questions, until you are completely resolved. In a session, after resolving a pain, I find incredible lightness in myself and in the world. It is like the world is suddenly brighter. I feel confident and able. I feel powerful and inspired.

She is a wealth of knowledge, in the spiritual and personal development arena. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat, and if I could have a wish for the world, it would be for everyone to be guided by Violetta.”

Katia. Ottawa, ON

Whether you want to achieve your goals, a better relationship or more joy —
it all starts from the internal work. 

My mentoring approach is results-oriented. It takes courage and effort on both our parts, and I can only promise you the journey, though rough, is worth it. Find a mentor you can fully trust and open up to — someone who can mentor you to resolve all of your limiting beliefs and patterns.

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Dear Limiting Belief…
Life will be a lot more exciting when you’re gone. 

Sometimes we forget who we are, and why we are here. Other times, we get abused into thinking less of ourselves by confused teachers, parents, and society.

If there is something in your life that you are struggling with and would like results-driven mentorship, let me help.

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